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Appeals or Judicial Review of Denials

You may file an administrative appeal or seek judicial review if you are dissatisfied with an agency's response to your request.

Administrative Appeals
An administrative appeal is submitted to the Mayor. The appeal must be in writing and must include a copy of the original request as well as a copy of the public body's written denial letter issued to you, if any. In addition, the appeal must include a written statement of the arguments, circumstances, or reasons in support of the information sought by your request. The appeal letter must include "Freedom of Information Act Appeal" or "FOIA Appeal" in the subject line of the letter as well as marked on the outside of the envelope. You may direct a written appeal to:
Mayor’s Correspondence Unit
FOIA Appeal
1350 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Suite 221
Washington, DC 20004
A copy of the appeal must be provided to the public body whose denial you are appealing. The appeal must be addressed to the public body’s FOIA Officer.
Judicial Review
Please refer to the District of Columbia Superior Court rules concerning procedures for filing a civil action.

The information contained on this webpage is provided as a helpful summary of the DC FOIA. Please refer to the FOIA statute at DC Official Code §§ 2-531 et seq. and the FOIA regulations at 1 DCMR §§ 400 et seq. for additional information.

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The Freedom of Information Act Requests

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