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  • Notes:
    1. *As of September 30, 2010, eDocket contains most of the orders issued by the Commission since it was first established in 1913. These orders are accessible if your search utilizes one of the following attributes:
      • Case Number
      • Order Number
      • Keywords
      • Search by Dates
    2. The complete database of orders will not be searched if you select:
      • Industry Type
      • Case Type
      • Item Number
  • To search for Commission Order Number in a case you have several choices. Here are a few examples.
    • Enter the Order Number in the Specify Order Number box, then click submit, if you do not know the Order Number, or
    • Click on the Select Case Type drop down box, click on the Case Type you want to search, go to the Select Case Number box and enter the numeric number, click submit or
    • Enter the Case Type acronym as shown in the Select Case Type drop down box combined with the Case Number in the Select Case Number box, click submit.
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