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  • Notes:
    1. *As of September 30, 2010, eDocket contains most of the orders issued by the Commission since it was first established in 1913. These orders are accessible if your search utilizes one of the following attributes:
      • Case Number
      • Order Number
      • Filing Type
      • Keywords (with "Order" as Filing Type)
      • Search by Dates
    2. The complete database of orders will not be searched if you select:
      • Industry Type
      • Case Type
      • Item Number
      • Company/Individual
    3. Effective January 1, 2011, users may request and obtain search results for all documents filed in a case and/or documents filed within a specific calendar year. To obtain documents filed in a case for a specific calendar year, enter the "Year of Filing" under the "Search by Docket Details."
  • To search for filings in a case you have several choices. Here are a few examples.
    • Click on the Select Case Type drop down box, click on the Case Type you want to search, go to the Select Case Number box and enter the numeric case number (i.e. 1002), click submit or
    • Enter the Case Type acronym (i.e. FC), as shown in the Select Case Type drop down box combined with the Case Number (i.e. 1002) in the Select Case Number box, click submit.
    • When entering only the numeric case number (i.e. 1002) in the Select Case Number box, your search results will include data responses/requests (not a part of official dockets), multi-cases, etc for that case number.
  • Click here to read instructions for Restructured Docketing System
  • Effective Thursday, January 9, 2014, the Commission will implement a revised docketing system. The new system continues the long-standing tradition, since the 1960s, of having items docketed under a numerical formal case or under a case file with an acronym. Under the new system, the Commission will be closing many of the current formal cases in which final decisional orders have already been issued. These cases have remained open in the past because the Commission has ordered subsequent monitoring, compliance, and enforcement filings. Under the new system, all monitoring, compliance and enforcement filings and orders will be issued under a case docket with an acronym rather than in a numerical formal case. Moreover, the existing monitoring, compliance, and enforcement filings are being converted to acronyms that make it easier to identify the filing party and the subject matter.
    1. The acronym RM will be used for all rulemakings followed by the DCMR chapter number, the calendar year, and the item number. For example, the first proposed change this year in the electric quality of service standards will have the docket number RM36-2014-1. This change is being made to make it easier to track changes to rule makings over time.
    2. The following acronyms will be used when only Pepco, Washington Gas, or Verizon file monitoring, compliance, and enforcement documents: PEP for Pepco, WG for Washington Gas, and V for Verizon. These acronyms will not be used when competitive suppliers and providers file similar documents. For example, these acronyms will not be used for Pepco's fuel mix or Pepco's, Washington Gas's, or Verizon's quality of service reports.
    3. The acronym for all reports will end with the letter "R." For example, the first Pepco Bill Stabilization Adjustment Report in 2014 will have a docket number PEPBSAR-2014-1; the first Washington Gas Gas Leak Report in 2014 will have a docket number WGGLR-2014-1; and the first Verizon Third Party Damage Report in 2014 will have a docket number VDR-2014-1;
    4. As in the past, general industry filings will begin with the following acronyms: E for electric; G for gas; and T for telephone. For example: Electric Market Monitoring Reports will be EMMR; Gas Customer Choice Reports will be GCCR; and Telecommunications Applications will be TA.
  • Click here to view the acronyms for the Restructured Docketing System Image: Adobe Portable Document File
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