AMI Advanced Metering Infrastructure
ANOPR Amended Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
AOBA Apartment and Office Building Association
BSA Bill Stabilization Adjustment
BTM Behind-The-Meter
CAIDI Customer Average Interruption Duration Index
CAM Cost Allocation Manual
CAEA Clean and Affordable Energy Act of 2008
CBOR Consumer Bill of Rights
CES Competitive Electric Supplier
CGS Competitive Commodity Gas Supplier
CITO Chief Information Technology Officer
CLEC Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
CUB Consumer Utility Board
CY Calendar Year
DCEMA District Emergency Management Agency
DCG D.C. Government
DCHR D.C. Office of Human Resources
DDOE District Department of the Environment's Energy Office (formerly District of Columbia Energy Office)
DNP Disconnect for Non-Payment
EA Electricity Application
EATF Energy Assistance Trust Fund
EQSS Electric Quality of Service Standards
ET Electric Tariff
FC Formal Case
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FGA Federal Executive Agency
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FPL Federal Poverty Level
FY Fiscal Year (October 1-September 30)
GA Gas Application
GATS Generation Attribute Tracking System
GT Gas Tariff
G&T Generation and Transmission
GPC Generation Procurement Credit
GPR Gas Procurement Report
GPWG Gas Procurement Working Group
HVCA High Volume Call Answering
IBEW International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
IRS Internal Revenue Service
ISO Independent System Operator
KWH Kilowatt Hour
LAN Local Area Network
LDC Local Distribution Companies
LEC Local Exchange Carrier
LIDT Liquid Immersed Distribution Transformers
LIHEAP Low-Income Housing Energy Assistance Program
LSDBE Local, Small, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
MACRUC Mid-Atlantic Conference of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
MADRI Mid Atlantic Distributed Services Initiatives
MBE Minority Business Enterprise
MMU Market Monitoring Unit
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MUD Multi-Utility Discount
NARUC National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
NECA National Exchange Carriers Association
NGTF Natural Gas Trust Fund
NEM Net Energy Metering
NGQSS Natural Gas Quality of Service Standards
NOAFR Notice of Agency Fund Requirements
NOFR Notice of Final Rulemaking
NOPR Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
NOVEC Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative
NRRI National Regulatory Research Institute
NYMEX New York Mercantile Exchange
NOPV Notices of Probably Violation
OC Offices of the Commissioners
OCMS Office of the Commission Secretary
OCS Office of Consumer Services
OED Office of the Executive Director
OGC Office of the General Counsel
OHR Office of Human Resources
OIT Office of Information Technology
OMS Outage Management System
OPC Office of the People's Counsel
OPEIU Office of Professional Employees International Union
OTR Office of Tax and Revenue
OTRA Office of Technical and Regulatory Analysis
PAP Performance Assurance Plan
PC Protected Class
PCI Potomac Capital Investment Corporation
PDF Portable Document Format
Pepco Potomac Electric Power Company
PES Pepco Energy Services
PGC Purchased Gas Charge
PHI PEPCO Holdings, Inc.
PIDR Proprietary Information Designation Request
PIP Productivity Improvement Plan
PIWG Productivity Improvement Working Group
PJM Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Region
PSC Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia
PUC Public Utility Commission
RAD Residential Aid Discount
REC Renewable Energy Credits
REPS Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards
RES Residential Essential Service
RETF Reliable Energy Trust Fund
RFP Request for Proposals
ROW Rights-of-Way
RTO Regional Transmission Organization
SAIC Science Application International Corporation
SAIDI System Average Interruption Duration Index
SAIFI System Average Interruption Frequency Index
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
SETF Sustainable Energy Trust Fund
SEU Sustainable Energy Utility
SMPPI Smart Meter Pilot Program, Inc.
SOS Standard Offer Service
T&D Transmission and Distribution
TA Telecommunications Application
TAC Telecommunications Arbitration Case
TELRIC Total Element Long Run Incremental Cost
TIA Telecommunication Interconnection Agreement
TRO Triennial Review Order
TRS Telephone Relay Service
TT Telephone Tariff
UDP Utility Discount Program
UNE Unbundled Network Elements
USDOT US Department of Transportation
USTF Universal Service Trust Fund
Verizon Verizon Washington, D.C., Inc.
VBS Verizon Business Services
VLE Very Low Frequency
VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol
WASA Water and Sewer Authority
WCC Watergate Complex Council
WGL Washington Gas Light Company
WGES Washington Gas Energy Services
WMATA Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
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